After a successful launch in 2018, was made to allow users to track the price of gaming cryptocurrencies and projects. Alongside the view for the current price was tracking for the past 24h, week, month and year and a beautiful, interactive graph. The site also offered news, updates and original articles to inform visitors about projects, the future, trading and investment opportunities, technology explanations, potential applications and much more. The site was successful enough to reach over 150 monthly readers in the first month of launch.

Following the bear season of 2018 and a lack of time/interest to carry on with the project, the site has been temporarily shutdown. Improvements were made during this time, taking into suggestion wishes from the community and streamlining the website for one purpose only: to keep the visitor appraised of only the most relevant and top-tier information.

Due to this fact, I have decided that the website: will serve to facilitate the education and influence of users towards the currently best option on the market for a standard cryptocurrency for gaming. This is Enjin, a company who has during the time of their inception realized and brought us all the tools required to bring games on the blockchain. Users can download their wallet, called the Enjin Wallet on the smartphone and store items from games made using their SDK for the popular game development engine Unity. Some of these games include: War of Crypto, 9LivesArena and a number of others. Users already playing these games can obtain items and store them in their wallet, signaling true ownership and decentralization. They can trade these items with other users, or sell them for money.

This is just one of the applications, subsequently a rise of a new paradigm has also sneaked through during this time. NFT’s or Non Fungible Tokens are items with limited supply, that can be created on the blockchain and viewed through wallets. This allowed users to excercise their imagination to a new level, creating all kinds of cards, items and collectibles.

Because of this huge area of exploration and possibilities, I have decided to dedicate this website and my endeavours to exploring them and documenting them here. is coming back with more features expected in the future. The order of relevance is as follows: List of active games using Enjin technology, Enjin item database, Marketplace for Enjin item exchange, original collectibles andquite possibly an Enjin powered game.

This website will also focus on price discussion as well as fundamental and technical analysis of relevant information, to inform visitors about the potential rewards for supporting and partaking in the adoption process.

The site is developed, administrated and edited by @sanneh, any collaboration offers are welcome, please contact me through relevant channels: email, telegram, twitter.